DSC_9152Me and travels
When I was smaller I used to go hiking with my parents a lot and sometimes we would go to the see or sightseeing. I didn’t appreciate my hometown before I moved, which is something I aim to change for my readers.
When I was 13, I moved to Vienna. My father was working for an international company and so I ended up in an international school with people from over 160 countries! With such a diversity I soon began to notice how different cultures affect behaviours of my classmates. I sunk in all the information I was told about countries I have never been to, I began to learn languages of all of my friends (Russian, Greek, Finnish, and so on). However it didn’t last long, I stopped as soon as the serious stuff in school began.
In the course of my life I flew only four times by plane. I mostly travelled by car, train or bus and I was out of European Union only three times altogether. So what right do I have to write a traveling website?
My passion qualifies me to do this. And altough there are many places I have never been to, I am planning on going there. I will begin slowly and I promise that I will travel as much as I will be able to and come back to you with my impressions and tips.
What’s up with the photography?
I am not a photographer. Sure if you give me camera and leave me alone in an interesting place I will come back with numerous amazing pictures. That does not mean though I am a photographer. And many of the pictures from this website were not taken by me, but by my beloved mother. All the thanks go to her. That’s one of the reasons why I would kindly ask you not to use them without my permission. Thanks!

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