Bohemian Switzerland

There are some places in this world that do not seem real. One of those is so-called “Bohemian Switzerland”. It is an area in Czeck Republic where the most beautiful and stunning nature is mixed with unique architecture of local villages. It is a place, where natural showed it’s magical power.

This is a village almost on the border with neighbouring Germany. First mention
wonderland is from 15th century. At the time, there was a bar for people working in the area. Soon enough it developed into village and then a touristic attraction thanks to the unique architecture. This happened in the 19th century, when the main touristic paths were built by Edmund Clary Aldrigen and one of them was named after him – Edmundova soutěska. The beauty of this place inspired world-known Hans Christian Andersen. And the magical charm attracted the producers of Narnia to film their first movie in the area. By the way, you might find yourself sleeping in a place like the one below. Isn’t that romantic (especially considering that behind it is a cemetry from centuries before)?

Pravčická brána
This is probably THE attraction. It is where all the tourists go. And yes, Narnia was filmed also here. Enough of talking. You have to see the beauty!
Firstly, see how it looks on the way though.

​And now the long awaited……. Pravčická Brána

I loved the canyons in Bohemian Switzerland! They are extremely well kept. They are also smartly divided into parts that can be passed only by hiking and those that can be passed only by boat. The boat is not expensive it varies from about 100 to 250 CZK. Tip – do not enter those canyons if you have small children and a pushchair. We met two friends with four childre who thought they could do it…. They were wrong. Without the help of my brother who took they pushchairs up in his hands, they would have a real struggle.

​ What do you think about Bohemian Czech? Are you already planning your visit?